Is My 47 Brand Clean Up Cap a Fake?

I see this question in forums: Is my 47 Brand Clean Up Cap a fake?

In a world where counterfeit products are becoming increasingly sophisticated, it’s essential to know how to spot a genuine '47 Brand Clean Up Cap.

Whether you’re a dedicated collector or just love the classic look and feel of these iconic caps, distinguishing the real from the fake can save you from disappointment and wasted money.

In this brief article, we’ll delve into some helpful characteristics to look for that set authentic Clean Up Caps apart, ensuring you always get the quality you expect.


Hint! Check for metal etchings!


Here are some quick checks you can make to help you decide.

The Clean Up Cap from '47 Brand has ten metal etchings in the fittings that you should look to verify.

  • You will find one on the adjustable buckle
  • Another on the Hat Button
  • And eight more on the buckle snaps; the buttons snap the adjustable buckle into place to keep your fit snug - unsnap it to check for the etchings


7 Places to Check if Your 47 Brand Clean Up Cap is a Fake

Here are various places you can check on the cap:

Adjustable Buckle

The '47 Brand mark is etched into the adjustable buckle and also note the unique pattern etched into the bottom of the buckle. You will see that same distinctive pattern on the top of the buckle.

'47 Brand etched into the adjustable buckle


Adjustable Buckle Button

The adjustable buckle actually snaps into place on the hat. Unsnap it and you should find the the '47 Brand mark etched 4 times around the bottom of the button and then a number of circle taps creating a border around the brand mark etchings.

'47 Brand etched into the adjustable button


On the opposite side of the snap you can expect to find the same thing.

'47 Brand etched into the button snap.

This is what the snap looks like on a Clean Up Cap. Reminds me of a jet turbine!

Unique pattern around the button rivet

Under the button at the top of the hat you will find the brand mark in the metal button.

Hat Button

'47 Brand etched into the bottom of the hat button


Woven Tag on the Headband

The brand mark inside the cap has a very distinctive texture and weave pattern which is not common in a standard woven patch. This intricate design is a mark of authenticity. In addition, the '47 mark is sewn into the woven patch with intricate detail as is

47 Brand Woven Patch with Intricate Texture and Weave Pattern


Visor Stitching

The Clean Up Cap has 8 rows of stitching across the visor. Note how the last row of visor stitching meets up with the middle seam on the panel. This won't be exact but it will be close and you should expect 8 rows of stitching.

47 Brand Clean Up Cap with 8 Rows of Stitching


I hope these tips help you identify the Clean Up Cap you’re looking for. Counterfeits can be convincing, but our 47 Brand hats are procured through an authorized wholesaler who purchases directly from the manufacturer. We adhere to terms and conditions that include decorating the hats with our unique leather patches. Rest assured, we only sell authentic 47 Brand headwear with added decoration.

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